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  • Hugo's #4 Crookston
  • 1310 University Avenue, Crookston, MN, 56716
  • (218) 281-3690 Fax: (218) 281-5827
  • Size

    32 oz


    Greased Lightning® Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser Spring Rain Scent. New look! Cleans in a flash! Greased Lightning® multi-purpose works fast on practically everything in and around the house-so you never have to stress about the mess! From greasy grills and garages, to everyday bathroom and kitchen clean-ups, Greased Lightning makes your entire home sparkle. Makes bathroom sinks, tubs and showers soap-scum free. Cleans floors and fixtures, too! Great on tough fabric stains such as wine, juice, or food. Pre-treats ink, grass, blood, and make-up stains. A couple of squirts zap laundry stains away. Blasts through caked-on dirt and stains from mold and mildew-so your patio is always ready for fun. For questions, comments or medical advice, call: 1-800-646-7730.






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    Greased Lightning