Azteca Ultragrain Tortillas - 8 CT

Azteca® Ultragrain® Tortillas. New. Great for all your family's favorite recipes. Whole grain nutrition. Made with Ultragrain® white flour appeal. 8 tortillas. Same great white flour tortilla taste & texture with whole grain nutrition! Resealable. Ultragrain® Tortillas. Ultragrain® is revolutionary whole wheat flour with a taste, texture and appearance similar to the white flour used in traditional tortillas. Made from specially selected wheat and milled using a patented process, Ultragrain® gives you the best of both worlds - whole grain nutrition and great taste. Visit our website at: Ultragrain® trademark is used under license. To the consumer: if you have any questions or comments regarding this product, write Azteca® Foods, Inc., P.O. Box 427, Summit-Argo, IL 60501.