Rachels Kettle Chips Salt&vingr

0 grams trans fat. Certified Gluten-Free. Gluten free. Made from the heart. Kettle chips. Made with sea salt. Flavored kettle cooked potato chips. Rachel's Story: When I was a little girl, I would spend many weekends on my grandparents farm. The wonderful smells in my Grandmothers kitchen come back to me as real today as they were then. I remember she would say, You should always use the best ingredients you can find. Don't take any shortcuts, because there is only one way to do something right! At the end of the day she would get a twinkle in her eye and say, I suppose you're too tired to make a batch of my famous potato chips. I would beg her to let me do the seasoning and she would tell me that I would have to wait until I was older that it had to be done just right. She smiled and told me of a promise she had made a long time ago to her Grandmother, a solemn promise to make everything as best as it could be made. A promise she made from the heart. I remember those days in that wonderful kitchen and I remember Grandmother's lessons. They are what guide us at Rachel's. When you op this bag you will taste a chip made with the best quality ingredients, cooked with care, one batch at a time. As Grandmother did, we make a promise that each chip we prepare is - made from the heart. No MSG. No preservatives. No artificial colors. www.barrelofunsnacks.com. For more information about this and other delicious Rashel’s Kettle Chips visit our website at: www.barrelofunsnacks.com