Barrel O' Fun® Ripple Potato Chips Bag

Bring on the fun! Nobody knows fun like we do & it’s been our mission to serve it up, quite deliciously I might add, for over 40 years! We take pride in being the life of the party, so add a little fun to your next get together & experience the revelry of each & every crispy, crunchy bite. Your taste buds will thank you & to that we say - mission accomplished. Freshness Guarantee: At Barrel O’ Fun we take such great pride in our chips and snacks that we guarantee them to be fresh and delicious when first opened before the best by date shown on the front of the bag. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with this or any Barrel O’ Fun Snack, we want to know about it Send us your name, address, best by date stamped on the front of the package and your comments to: For more information about this and other delicious Barrel O’ Fun Snacks, visit our website at: