Old Dutch Cheddar & Sour Cream

Natural flavors + colors. Gluten free. Always gluten free. Always kosher. Always trans fat free. A bunch of crunch in every munch! Quality lives here. Did you know? You've always known that quality lives here is a way of life Old Dutch. It's a given that we love our hometown quality communities and are always proud to support the many activities and events that are important to our amazing customers. But our commitment to quality really begins and ends with the preparation methods and ingredients we use to ensure that when we say quality lives here we are really referring to what's inside each and every one our great tasting product That's why we take this questions opportunity to ask. That these Old Dutch ripples potato chips are. Always made with natural flavors and colors. And of course always made for great taste. Now you know why we always say quality lives here! olddutchfoods.com. Visit olddutchfoods.com.