Wee Willys Pasta Sauce, Classic Homemade, Our Family Recipe

A Minnesota product, made with simple ingredients. Real simple. Real good. Bringing home generations of flavor. Simply the best. Taste for yourself. Wee Willy's Pasta Sauce is slow simmered in small batches, using quality ingredients, just like mom did. As we think back, many of our fondest memories focus on the time spent in the kitchen, good food, and family. Our goal is to help you prepare meals with classic homemade flavor without the hours of preparing and clean up. Wee Willy's Pasta Sauce is a quick and convenient way of putting dinner on the table without compromising quality or taste. We hope you enjoy it as much as our family does, as you create your own mealtime memories. Because that is what Wee Willy's is all about, taking pride in what you make and appreciating the real simple, real good things in like. Enjoy! - Bill, Lana and Josh. Be on the lookout for all of our fabulous products. Visit our website for tasty recipe ideas. Weewillys.com.