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    44 fl oz


    EAS® 100% Whey† Chocolate Protein Shake. New. Pure whey protein shake. Push your performance. 30g protein. 0 Sugar added. 180 Calories. M®. Natural & artificial flavor. Abbott. NSF®. Contents tested & certified. Push your performance. We've been relentlessly dedicated Since 1993. We're backed by science and proven by people. We use only purposeful ingredients, no proprietary blends. And we won't stop-we'll keep innovating and pushing ourselves, just like you. What you put in: What you get out: Build muscle: With 30g of high-quality protein, you can build muscle and recover rapidly for a more productive next workout. Gain strength: 100% whey helps maximize muscle growth and improve strength to get the most out of every workout. Recover faster: Protein to help you repair muscles, stay strong, and gain lean body mass. Instructions: Enjoy post-workout or as a snack combined with a healthy diet and exercise program. Visit to learn how EAS® can help you achieve your athletic or fitness goals. †100% of the protein in this product comes from whey. 1-800-297-9776. ©2015 Abbott Laboratories.






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